Small Businesses, Non-Profits and Mobile Social Media Apps

How can small businesses and non-profits benefit from social media?

Social media holds the promise of connection between individuals, whether it’s with old friends or like-minded people across the world. The same is true for businesses that want to get their name out there and build their client base, and as MYOB has reported, the benefits are real: their survey found that almost a third of businesses have increased revenue through their online presence.

While the options available to businesses continue to evolve, it’s worth noting that consumers and populations are changing as well. This is particularly true with regards to expectations about a business’s public face and people’s comfort level in sharing information online. Witzig’s team of researchers found that young people are actually more likely to donate to non-profits online than through traditional means, which is a powerful reminder for any business that’s trying to build loyalty: social media isn’t going anywhere, so it’s probably worth investigating. Continue reading